Where We Be
You'll probably never stand in a glass greenhouse bigger than this one.
Even full-size palm trees fit comfortably inside the Flower Dome.
Flower Dome -- Singapore
Singapore's Flower Dome is the third feature
attraction at Gardens by the Bay. It's the largest
glass greenhouse in the world per Guinness
World Records. The sheer number of unusual
plants from truly remote locales makes this
place spectacular, and we only wish we could
have explored it with fresh eyes on a different
day from the Cloud Forest so we could have
appreciated all the little touches of beauty
even more. We particularly loved the exotic
trees and plants from Namibia and Madagascar.

Both domes are open daily from 9 am to 9 pm
so you can pretty much come any time to check
them out. Tulips were featured this month at
the Flower Dome, so the whole central area
was filled with thousands upon thousands of
tulips. How in the world they change out this
many flowers on a monthly basis is a mystery to
us! It took us an hour or two to explore the vast
collection but you could easily spend longer.
The Flower Dome is even bigger than the Cloud Forest Dome in terms of total space.
We're talking 3,332 glass panels covering 16,000 square meters of surface area.
It's a world of perpetual spring inside the Flower Dome
These peculiar looking African baobabs and
bottle trees were among our favorites
There is incredible diversity of plant life here
The interior is divided into nine sections, with the Flower Field in the middle. Surrounding
it are the Succulent Garden, Baobabs, Australian Garden, South African Garden,
South American Garden, Mediterranean Garden, Californian Garden, and Olive Grove.
And striking statues that complement their surroundings
The tulip display when we visited was stunning -- but
next month who knows what might be featured here?
And breathtaking colors arranged in perfect displays that change each month
We've always said nothing could rival Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia, but
now we think Gardens by the Bay with its Supertree Grove and two domes has it beat
There's even a Rocky Mountain Columbine to remind us of home in Colorado
Whether these are the best gardens in the world is an open question, but there's
no question you should see Gardens by the Bay if you're anywhere near Singapore.
Pay the fee, don't even think twice about it, and experience this place for yourself.
Most displays are nicely labeled, making identification easy. However,
I wasn't diligent enough to note what was what so you're out of luck here!