Where We Be
It's not every day you get to pose in a
snow globe with Olaf in steamy Thailand
3D Art Museum -- Chiang Mai, Thailand
On our last day in Chiang Mai we visited a place
that made us feel like kids again: Art in Paradise,
or the 3D Museum as it’s more casually known.
This is a cool collection of 3D art that’s perfect
for taking photos of yourselves in exotic locales
and impossible situations. They have these art
museums all over the place nowadays but the
one in Chiang Mai is particularly well done. The
art work is fantastic and the number of displays
over two floors is impressive. It's ranked #10 on
TripAdvisor for Chiang Mai sights -- not bad
when you consider how much there is to see
and do in the area.

We took a tuk-tuk to the museum (100 baht, ~$3)
since it was a good 40-minute walk from our
hotel, then spent the next 2½ hours getting
creative and taking bunches of photos. Entry
costs 400 baht (~$12 US) each. If you visit, be
sure to bring your camera, shoes that slip on
and off easily, and (if you're traveling solo) a
friend for taking pictures. Also be sure to come
in the right frame of mind: don't be too shy, and
let yourself get a little silly -- you'll have a much
better time if you do. We certainly did!
Art in Paradise is located in southeastern Chiang Mai.
We recommend a tuk-tuk as the easiest way to get here.
Even the entry to the museum uses tromp l'oeil visual
illusions that trick the eye into perceiving 3D objects
Yes, Robin is about to walk into a wall, as hard as it is to believe.
The rest of these pictures don't really require captions -- enjoy!