Where We Be
Boulder, Colorado
After fifteen years of documenting our travels,
we discovered to our surprise that we didn't
have a single page devoted to our own home
town of Boulder. We decided to remedy that
oversight with this quick homage to one of the
places we love best in the whole world.

Why do we love it so much? Because it's
nestled right up under the foothills of the Rocky
Mountains and is one of the prettiest places
you'll ever see. Because it offers amazing hiking
and open space within five minutes of home.
Because there are walking and biking trails
crisscrossing the city. Because it's a university
town. Because it's sunny most of the time, even
in winter. Because there are healthy vegetarian
restaurants galore. Because the vibe and the
people are amazing. Because our friends live
here. Because this is where we decided to call
home way back in 1990 when we moved here
from Boston, sight unseen, based on something
we'd read in a book. Because we instantly fell in
love with it. Because despite all our travels, this
still feels like home more than anywhere else.
It's really no secret how amazing Boulder is. Thirty years ago we chose to
live here because of the high quality of life -- and we've never regretted it.
I tend to put my camera away when I get back home from
our trips, so to my amazement I have not a single image
of the Pearl Street Mall, Mapleton Avenue, or any of the
other lovely parts of town. Oh well, we won't belabor the
point -- we love it here and think it makes for a fine home!
Boulder Creek runs right near our home.
In the background is Scott Carpenter Park.
Gorgeous scenery is reachable via a short drive and hike.
This is Blue Lake, only about thirty minutes from town.
Boulder has done an amazing job of protecting its open space --
starting right here with Chautauqua Park and the Flatirons
One of our favorite activities after a hike --
dipping our toes in the cold, cold water!