Where We Be
Not many people get to spend three consecutive weeks in Fiji, but if
you ever get the chance, take it! For us this was a chance to unwind
after an intense four months of travel in New Zealand. We visited
three different resorts on three different islands in the Yasawa chain
and remembered how to relax again. I turned 44 during our one-day
Wannataki cruise and got a great present that day, getting to swim
with giant manta rays. During our three weeks we also got to swim
with black-tipped reef sharks, marvelled at some of the most colorful
coral reefs we've ever seen, and reveled in perfect South Pacific
sunsets and stunning beaches. A big surprise was the gray shark I
came across during a solo snorkel at Coral View that had me pretty
freaked out. Click on these links to get a taste of island life and we
guarantee you'll feel the stress of modern-day living slipping away.
Three Weeks of South Pacific Island Bliss
Coral View Resort
May 8-14, 2007
Octopus Resort
May 23-29, 2007
Wayalailai Resort
May 16-22, 2007