Where We Be
Octopus Resort -- Waya Island, Fiji
Octopus Resort may well have the best beach you’ll
ever set foot on. It’s an extraordinary crescent of white
sand that begins beneath a sloping green headland at
one end of the resort and makes a long, sweeping
curve all the way around beautiful Likuliku Bay to a
headland in the far distance, more than a mile away.
Along the broad stretch of beach fronting the resort,
thatched palapas with cushioned lounge chairs are set
back in the palms, beckoning you to prop your feet up
and enjoy the view. As you curve around the bend and
leave the resort behind, the beach narrows in a delight-
ful way and you suddenly find yourself sandwiched
between tumbling green hills with palms leaning
drunkenly on one side and endlessly rolling surf on the
other. The beach widens again and you find yourself all
alone in what can only be described as paradise.

You have this miracle of a beach all to yourself because
Octopus Resort is situated on the secluded northwest
corner of Waya Island. Because the beach faces west,
even the sun cooperates in making things perfect and
sets over the ocean, making it an ideal place to take a
sunset walk. The beach has deservedly been rated as
one of the top ten in the world by Conde Nast.

The freshwater pool is surrounded on all sides by wide
wooden decks and lined with eminently lounge-worthy
Turkish beds along one side. Comfortable wooden
recliners are placed here and there facing in towards
the pool or out towards the ocean. Palm trees and
plants seem to enclose the pool in a garden of green
light. You could never leave this pool and be happy.
But then you would miss out on the hammocks strung
invitingly between palm trees, the thatched palapas
with beach chairs offering idyllic views of the ocean,
and the delightful open-air bar.

Octopus Resort is the most luxurious of the three
resorts at which we stayed, and worth every penny. Our
bure was comfortable, with a gleaming tile floor and
queen-sized bed, and the en suite bathroom featured a
large showerhead with actual hot water, something you
can't take for granted in the Yasawas. We loved getting
to choose lunch from a list of eleven different choices
each day...and any restaurant that encourages you to
come to dinner barefoot is my kind of place.
Octopus Resort's blue pool is backed by an oasis of green
Robin looks up from a great romance novel borrowed from the resort's library
This lovely stretch of beach is almost always deserted -- it's rated one of the top ten beaches in the world by Conde Nast
Inviting stretch of beach in front of the pool
Waya Island -- home to Octopus Resort -- as seen from the Yasawa Flyer
We spent a lot of happy hours by the pool
We loved these comfortable Turkish beds by the pool
We'll miss the South Pacific sunsets!
Our garden-view bure (#5 again)
Comfy bed with thatch walls and tile floor
Lanterns and blossoms lend an air of romance
Open-air shower with hot water -- nice!
Tidal sandbar joining Waya and Waysewa Islands at low tides -- you can walk between the two islands then
Two views of the mile-long beach, this one looking towards the resort...
...and this one looking away from the resort
One of the world's top ten beaches per Conde Nast
This seaside hammock invites you to take a load off
Long wooden patio fronting the beach
Sand floor restaurant keeps things casual
On the roof of a sunset cruise boat with Fijian band
Guests cheer on their crabs in the "International Crab Race"
Octopus Resort as seen from the water