Where We Be
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Sep 27-28, 2008
Toronto, Ontario
Sep 29-30, 2008
Montreal, Quebec
Oct 1-3, 2008
Quebec City, Quebec
Oct 4-6, 2008
Rather than repeat the "same-old same-old" I-70 route from Colorado to Maine, we took
a northerly route, passing through the north-central U.S. and continuing on into Canada.
We got our first glimpse of four of Canada's biggest sights on the eastern seaboard --
Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec. We got sprayed by sheets of water on the
“Maid of the Mist” at Niagara Falls, held the Stanley Cup in our hands in Toronto, dined
on four-course meals at fine French restaurants in Montreal, and toured the walled city
of Old Quebec, which might as well have been transplanted directly from Europe to here.

French-speaking Old Quebec was the highlight for us. Chateau Frontenac towered
above us like a fortress. The cobblestone streets, lovely stone architecture, and quaint
plazas all made for perfect strolling. You couldn't ask for a more European-feeling city
than this one, and it's only six hours from Bar Harbor. At the Place Royale, perhaps the
prettiest square in the whole city, we found a cafe in the corner and sat outside in the
sunshine, enjoying the terrific stone architecture on four sides and just soaking it all in.