Where We Be
Montreal, Canada
The imposing outer facade of the Basilica of Notre Dame
The most impressive sight in Vieux (Old) Montreal is the Basilica of Notre Dame with its ornate interior
Candles burn in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary
The center of Vieux Montreal is Place Jacques Cartier, surrounded by restaurants on three sides and the green-gabled Old City Hall on the fourth side
The picturesque Museum of History in Vieux Montreal
Fun statue of three French matrons having a chat
Early autumn color as seen from Parc du Mont Royal, a large park on top of the hill at the center of the city
The Olympic Stadium for Montreal's 1976 Summer Olympics
Strolling through Park du Mont Royal on a crisp autumn day
View of downtown Montreal from Parc du Mont Royal
Canada is having its own elections -- Robin stands in front of a poster for the Green (Vert) Party
Ready to dig into "poutine" and a smoked meat sandwich
There's a lot to like about Montreal. Old Montreal is
chock-full of historic buildings, including the huge
Basilica of Notre Dame. Mont Royal Park sits atop a
hill at the city's center, offering panoramic views. And
just about everyone speaks French but with enough
English to help you get by when necessary.

And then there's the food! We liked the French
cuisine best of all. We had a wonderful three-course
lunch at Le Bourlingueur with a half-bottle of Bruilly
wine and perfectly crusty French bread. Robin's table
d'hote special cost all of $11 for three courses, and
my shrimp in Pernod sauce entree was worth every
penny. Then there are the delicious low-brow local
specialties like smoked meat sandwiches and
"poutine" -- french fries doused in brown gravy with
cheese curds. Don't judge it until you've tried it!

Everyone we met was friendly. I particularly remember
the French-speaking deli manager who animatedly
helped us pick out food. We had hoped to have a
layered ham-and-cheese dish we had seen earlier in
the day, but by the time we got back it was all gone.
The man put his head against the glass case, sighed
heavily, and shook his head – all clearer than words
how he felt about having to disappoint us.
The best thing about Montreal? The French cuisine!