Where We Be
The Nile makes all the difference in Egypt: just look at the startling contrast between this fertile river valley and the more distant stark hills
"River pirates" as our guide calls them -- you trade
with them by tossing items (and money) back and forth
Nile River Cruise, Egypt
By far the most peaceful aspect of our trip is the lovely cruise along the Nile River. This is a must-do!
Our river cruise ship, the Presidential Nile Odyssey
The Egyptian and ship's flags flutter in the breeze
Although we've been living and eating aboard
our river cruise ship since yesterday, it stayed
stationary while we explored Luxor's East Bank
(Karnak and Luxor Temples) and West Bank
(Valley of the Kings). Now we're ready to begin
five days of actual cruising along the longest
river in the world (4,132 mi / 6,650 km). We'll
actually be cruising
up the Nile as we head
south and
down the Nile as we head north --
one of the few major river systems in the world
to flow south to north. We're glad to have a
spacious cabin with a picture window that
slides open so you can enjoy the view and hear
the water lapping against the side of the ship.

The borders of the Nile are lush with palms,
cultivated green fields, bananas, and rushes.
Egyptians fish with nets from canoes, wave to
us from the shore, wash at the river's edge,
ride donkeys laden with produce along dusty
paths, and tend small herds of goats and
sheep. Water buffalo roam freely, munching on
lush grass. The views aren't all that different
than they might have been a thousand years
ago or more. Every once in awhile you pass a
village, but the rest of the journey is through
farmland. All is serene and quiet. Mostly you
hear the hum of the motor and the lapping of
the waves. It's wonderfully relaxing, and you
feel like you've gone back in time.
Two Egyptian boys row their canoe out into the Nile, ready to cast their fishing net
How these water buffalo got to this river island we're not sure, but we assume they swam
"Galabeya Night" gives us all a chance to wear traditional galabeyas, eat Egyptian food, pose for photo ops with sheesha pipes, and get a little silly
Loving the picture window view and the sound of gently lapping water from our cabin
Making the most of the hot sun
as winter approaches back home
Ten independent travelers on-board form
a mini-group with Michael as our tour guide
Our cabin steward has a good sense
of humor when it comes to towel art