Where We Be
Felucca with the wind in its sail
Felucca Ride -- Aswan, Egypt
Taking a felucca ride on the Nile is the very
essence of romantic Egypt and it's something
we've been looking forward to for some time. A
felucca is an Egyptian sailboat with a distinctive
looking sail. By the time we arrive at the dock
it's noon and very hot, but as soon as we board
the felucca we're able to sit under a shaded
awning and enjoy the wonderful breezes that
begin to blow as soon as the felucca gets

Everything about Aswan is made more beautiful
by the presence of water. There are dunelike
views of the Sahara Desert to the west, and
many small unspoiled islands on the Nile filled
with birdsong and lush trees. It’s pleasant and
relaxing to sail up the Nile in an unmotorized
sailboat, and it’s a nice change of pace to do
something other than temple viewing.

Our Nubian boathand sings a traditional Nubian
song while we provide the chorus. At the far
point of our journey we sail past the Aga Khan
Mausoleum, an imposing mosque-like structure
on the top of a desert hill, then the felucca
turns around and takes us back to our ship.
We find it amusing our felucca is dubbed the "Bob Marley"
Our felucca captain wears traditional Egyptian garb
A felucca sails past a minaret in Aswan
Two young boys row over and try to sell us nicknacks
A compelling reminder that the Sahara Desert is "just over there," barely held at bay by the River Nile
Sailing on a felucca at sunset on the Nile River -- how romantic!
At the far end of our journey we sail past the elegant Aga Khan Mausoleum