Where We Be
The Bent Pyramid is unmistakable -- an early attempt
at pyramid building before they had it all figured out
The limestone covering has remained intact on most of the Bent Pyramid -- but not on this section
Red & Bent Pyramids -- Dashur, Egypt
The Bent Pyramid is one of our favorites. It was
built shortly after the Step Pyramid of Sakkara
(which is visible in the distance). It inclines at a
steep angle, but when the architect realized the
load was getting too great, he changed the
angle two thirds of the way up. The result is a
distinctive looking and quite beautiful pyramid.
The limestone covering has remained intact
over most of the outside of the pyramid, so you
get a better sense of what a pyramid would
have looked like in the time of the pharaohs.

A short drive over bumpy dirt roads takes us to
the Red Pyramid, so called because of its
darker stone. This is a perfectly symmetrical
pyramid and can be considered the first true
pyramid of Egypt. We descend into it, walking
down a steep slope bent literally in half. We
reach the bottom of the angled shaft and enter
a rectangular room. The strongest memory we'll
always have of this place is the overpowering
stench of ammonia in the stale air. We guess it's
being used to clean and kill off bacteria, but it's
so strong it takes your breath away.
The Red Pyramid is surrounded by the Sahara and is distinctive because of its darker colored stone.
It's completely symmetrical and can be considered the first true pyramid of Egypt (and thus the world).
The Red Pyramid up close -- if you want solitude and uncluttered views, this is the pyramid to visit
The smooth limestone of the Bent Pyramid angles steeply upward
Wearing my new Egyptian cotton shirt in front of the Red Pyramid