Where We Be
Houston, Texas
It's a bit early for swimming, but I did take one dip in the pool at my parents' home
If you're ever in Austin, check out South Congress Cafe -- delish!
Robin with my Mom and Dad during a short trip to Austin and the Hill Country
Mom cooked us so many amazing meals -- this parmesan and gruyere souffle was the last in a long string of to-die-for dinners
We had a welcome respite in Houston, staying with my
parents for two weeks. After two months on the open road
(and the open seas during our Caribbean cruise), it felt
good to sit still for awhile. Mom, who is a gourmet cook (I'm
not exaggerating), cooked us some truly amazing dinners.
We ate like kings -- thin-cut pork tenderloin, fusilli pasta
with prosciutto, tenderloin of beef with port wine sauce and
cranberries, parmesan and gruyere souffle...Mmmmm.

We did get some exercise, taking three-mile walks daily with
my Dad and his friends. On one particularly hot February
day, I even went for a pre-season swim in the pool. Very
cold but afterwards the sun felt fine. Come evening we
played games like Upwords and Blokus and watched a string
of great movies like
3:10 to Yuma, Michael Clayton, and
American Gangster.

The four of us took a three-day trip to Austin and the Texas
Hill Country. This gave Robin and me a chance to see some
of the places we're considering living during the next two
months. We liked visiting Austin but decided the smaller hill
towns of Bandera, Kerrville, and Fredericksburg were more
to our taste as places to call home for the next month or two.