Dramatic view of the Gunnison River at Chasm View
This is "Painted Wall" -- the tallest cliff in Colorado. If the Empire State Building stood on the canyon floor, it would reach halfway to the top of the cliff.
Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado
Huge rock pinnacles like this one boggle the mind
Robin in her element -- soaking up nature
The view at Warner Point held us spellbound despite the threatening weather
Just one more look! -- Warner Point
Dizzying view looking straight down at the canyon floor
"Just one more step back, honey"
Twisted juniper at Dragon Point overlook
Gnarled and twisted junipers add their distinctive beauty to the park
Lightning-struck tree seems to beseech the heavens, Why me?
Where We Be
The Gunnison River carves into the hard rock of the
Black Canyon at the rate of just one hair's width per
year. That's 1 inch per century. It makes you realize
how long two million years is when you see how deep
the river has cut. The walls are up to 2700 feet deep!

We were in a race against the weather all day, but the
rains held off even after we had visited all the major
overlooks along the South Rim, so we decided to roll
the dice and venture to Warner Point, a hike of 1.4
miles round trip. We made it to the end and sat at an
absolutely gorgeous overlook. We were the only ones
there due to the threatening weather. Rain bursts
were visible and thunder rumbled distantly, but facing
towards the Black Canyon, all was peaceful and lovely.
Hawks circled on the thermals and the view was just…
wow. Beyond words lovely.

Sitting there quietly, we could hear the distant roar of
the water far, far below. We knew we should head
back but the view kept us pinned there, staring in
something akin to rapture. We finally tore ourselves
away, having soaked in as much beauty as we could
hold at one time.