Telluride nestles within its valley, surrounded on three sides by steep mountains
Where else but Telluride would you ride a gondola to the grocery store?
The San Miguel River Trail runs right through town and is one of our favorite things about Telluride
The free gondola takes you from Mountain Village to the summit of Telluride's ski mountain then down the other side -- what a great commute!
Telluride, Colorado
Telluride's main street has a cool vibe and a great view
Waterfall view -- Bear Creek hike just outside Telluride
The mountain scenery near Telluride is jaw-dropping. This spectacular view is on the way to the town of Rico, about twenty miles south of Telluride.
Anyone for a round of golf?
View from the balcony of our three-story townhome in Telluride's Mountain Village
Renting for $1000+ per night in ski season -- free to us thanks to Neal & Karla
Most of the stunning landscapes near Telluride are on protected land so the there are no buildings, telephone wires, etc. to clutter the views
Neal & Karla's art and jewelry gallery occupies a prime location on Telluride's main street
Colorful hanging flower basket in Mountain Village
Just another outstanding mountain view on the way to Rico Hot Springs
Confluence of Uncompaghre River & Dallas Creek at Ridgway State Park
Toasting another wonderful day with wine and cheese
Robin rests against a rock at the top of Bear Creek Trail
Serene pond reflection -- Telluride City Park
Telluride's Mountain Village is the only town I
know where you pick up your groceries by
gondola! Gondolas take you everywhere here.
Another gondola takes you for free to the top of
the ski mountain and down the other side into
the town of Telluride itself. What a fun way to

Telluride is a quaint yet very expensive mountain
town as evidenced by its shi-shi shops, gourmet
restaurants, fancy dog treat stores, free gondola
and limo services, and copious amounts of open
space purchased by its citizens. The city has no
sprawl; it is self-contained and snug in its valley,
with 4 miles of dearly purchased open space at
the valley entrance and no buildings at all on the
mountains that surround it on three sides.

I'll never forget our first view of Telluride. Our
friends Neal and Karla took us up the gondola at
night, and we looked down on the twinkling city
lights below. The only thing rivaling the town is
the impossibly beautiful countryside all around it.
After four days of Indian Summer, we got snow on our last day -- just enough to dust the mountain tops and make the view down to Telluride even more dramatic
Winter's coming! (but it's not here yet). Overlook on the way to Ridgway State Park north of Telluride.
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