Where We Be
Duluth, Minnesota
Distant view of Split Rock Lighthouse along Lake Superior's scenic North Shore
View of Lake Superior from Hawk Ridge on the Skyline Parkway above Duluth
"That can't be a lake!" Robin said when she got her
first view of Lake Superior. With its vastness and
crashing waves, it certainly looks more like an ocean.
But its water is indeed fresh and it has the distinction
of being the largest freshwater body in the world.

I can't get over the fact that, upon leaving Duluth,
we'll drive six hours east through Wisconsin and
Michigan and still only be at the lake's halfway point.

Duluth’s signature landmark is the Aerial Lift Bridge, a
squarish bridge that opens in the middle to let huge
cargo ships through. Despite the cold, we walked to
the end of the pier, then along a short stretch of the
Downtown Lake Walk. The closer we got to the lake,
the colder and windier it got, so we didn't stay long.

We decided it was a better day for driving than
walking, so we headed up the North Shore of Lake
Superior. This was a pleasant drive, with the highlight
being Split Rock Lighthouse at the end of our road.
(Another highlight was Betty’s Pies!)
Our walk-in campsite at Spirit Mountain Campground (and ski area) in Duluth
We haven't gone tent camping in ages! It made for a fun change of pace.
This is Paul Bunyan country, where they grow 'em big and hearty
Duluth's signature landmark, Aerial Lift Bridge, can open up for huge cargo ships
Aerial Lift Bridge from a distance, seen from the Downtown Lake Walk
Robin's first impression of Lake Superior: "That can't be a lake!"
I had a taste of the largest freshwater body in the world. Verdict: Not salty!
Rocky ledges and pine trees along the North Shore reminded us of the Maine coast
We happened to arrive at Hawk Ridge just as they were releasing hawks
A hawk is released back into the wild
On the lam from the law in the wilds of Duluth
A closer view of picturesque Split Rock Lighthouse
It was already cold enough for me and it's only autumn -- I'm not a Minnesotan!