Where We Be
Manistique, Michigan
You can walk out to Manistique's lighthouse on Lake Michigan -- if you don't mind getting wet
And this is Big Gus, world's largest working chainsaw
You gotta love a place that calls itself a tourist trap and is proud of it
Meet "Big Ernie," world's largest working rifle
A solitary individual walks the causeway at Manistique's lighthouse on Lake Michigan
You made it!
Manistique is located on Lake Michigan -- the Upper
Peninsula's southern border. We saw Manistique's
picturesque lighthouse on the lake, which is linked
to land by a causeway, so you can walk (or run) to the
lighthouse as waves crash up around you – a bit like
running a gauntlet.

We also visited Big Spring (Kitch-iti-kipi), Michigan’s
largest spring. You take a self-operated observation
raft out to the center of the spring then look through
the raft's glass floor. About forty feet below you,
through crystal-clear water, you see ancient tree
trunks, lime-encrusted branches, trout – then the
springs itself. Clouds of sand roil and dance where
the spring gushes upwards. Over 16,000 gallons a
minute squirt up from fissures in the limestone. The
water is under pressure so it forces itself upwards
through cracks.

During our drive from Copper Harbor to Manistique,
we saw some lovely fall foliage. The colors have
definitely changed and are fast approaching their
peak. Along the way we couldn't resist a stop at Da
Yoopers Tourist Trap. We got a laugh from the 3D
display of men enjoying their annual deer week –
“full of beer, empty of deer.”
The self-operated observation raft at Big Spring
Robin leans over for a look through the glass floor at the gushing springs
Good deer art is so hard to find