Where We Be
Fort Lauderdale, Florida -- Vacation Rental
Pool games with the kids -- Logan (pictured), Sydney, and Trent
Robin in front of a "Bijou" sign in downtown Fort Lauderdale
Logan makes a hard landing after a less than successful toss
The whole Charlton clan hangs out poolside on a perfect 80-degree day
Robin relaxes in the living room after five days of driving down the Eastern Seaboard
The inviting kitchen with view to the pool
The vacation rental borders Fort Lauderdale's Intracoastal Waterway
Not a bad place to spend a few days in early January!
We spent a fun three days with the whole Charlton
family at a vacation rental in Fort Lauderdale before
our four-day Royal Caribbean cruise. The rental is
located right on Fort Lauderdale's Intracoastal
Waterway and has its own pool. We lucked out and
had record-breaking temperatures in the low 80's.

Tuesday in particular was a wonderful pool day, with
the whole family hanging out together on the patio
and enjoying idyllic weather. Mom and Dad relaxed
in the shade while the rest of us soaked up the hot

I got my fair share of playtime with the kids in the
pool. They stood on my shoulders (we even got
Logan standing on Sydney standing on me) and I
gave Logan a boost using my hands that had her
flipping over backwards into the water. She loved it!

I went on a gecko hunt with the kids in the front
yard. We didn’t find any and returned to the patio
out back only to discover an enormous iguana
sunning itself right on the pier. We followed it and
watched as it did "push-ups" and blew up the sac
under its chin before heading off in a huff.
Idyllic pool with idyllic weather in Fort Lauderdale