Where We Be
Cozumel Cruise -- Royal Caribbean
Royal Caribbean's promenades and public areas seem too expansive to fit aboard a ship
My brother Dave suggested we were way overdue
on sharing a cruise with the whole family and we
agreed. We managed to fit in this short, four-day
cruise on Royal Caribbean to Cozumel before taking
off for our four-month trip to Argentina and Chile.

We boarded Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas
and were impressed with its broad promenades and
public areas -- and at how good the food was. We
weren't sure it would measure up to our "stand-by"
cruise lines, Celebrity and Holland America, but it did.

One of the highlights was climbing a "rock wall" at
the top of the ship. We signed up as soon as we got
on board. They suited us up, and with just fifteen
minutes until dinner, we each took turns climbing
the thirty-foot wall and ringing the bell. Another
highlight was ice skating on board. Sydney and
Logan did spins and skated backwards and such.
Trent was just getting started learning to skate, but
that didn’t stop him from charging determinedly from
one end of the rink to the other.

Why no pics of Cozumel? Robin and I went on an all-
day snorkel at three different sites and didn't want
our camera to get wet, so we left it behind.
Poolside aboard Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas
"Confetti" sculpture in one of the promenades
This is the "rock wall" at the very top of the ship
All set to go for the ship's safety drill
Unexpected photo result when I used a flash in a room full of reflective life jackets!
Logan has her helmet on and is ready for her big climb
Sydney scales the wall like a pro
Trent's impression of the Mother Mary
My brother Dave with his eldest, Sydney
My dad with Trent, youngest of the three
Me with Sydney
Mom and Robin with Logan
Trent poses with his modern art display: "A Fork in the Water"
The girls loved getting "tattoos" poolside, and even convinced Robin and me to get some
Sydney and Logan give Trent a hand at the ice skating rink
Sydney skates circles around us
Diane with her two daughters