Where We Be
Lucca, Italy
What makes Lucca special is its intact medieval
walls with trees and footpath on top. Built in the
16th and 17th centuries, the 12-meter-high walls
have wide tops that are generously paved down
the middle and lined with rows of trees on either
side. The footpath forms a 4 km (2½ mi) loop
around the old part of the city and is the perfect
place for strolling, jogging, biking, rollerblading,
or just relaxing. The walls offer great views in all
directions and are the hub of life in Lucca.

The fact that Lucca miraculously escaped being
bombed during World War II means that every-
thing is pretty much intact and as it has been for
centuries, which only enhances its appeal. Add
to that the dozens of restaurants with umbrella-
covered outdoor patio areas and the countless
bars, coffee shops, and gelaterias and you’ve
got a city that's hard not to like. We certainly
liked it and could easily imagine calling it home.
Lucca's walls encircle the original city and are planted with trees on top -- what a great idea!
Believe it or not, this is the top of Lucca's walls -- the tree-lined path forms a 4 km (2½ mi) loop around the city
The trees only just turned green with new spring growth a few days ago, so our timing was perfect
Here are the imposing walls seen from the outside, at ground level
Lucca also extends beyond its medieval walls -- here we are looking outward
Lucca is our kind of place -- walkable, green, and vibrant -- we could live here!
This flower shop puts on quite the display of spring colors
Silhouette image of one of Lucca's towers and a spreading tree as seen from the walls
This church with the wedding-cake facade is our favorite in Lucca -- it's the Chiesa di San Michele (Church of St. Michael)
Puccini, one of the world's greatest opera composers, was born in this humble abode near Lucca's medieval center
And here's the Archangel Michael on top, slaying a dragon -- and personally I think this is the most likeable archangel I've ever seen!
Now the Antifeatro is primarily filled with inviting cafes, trattorias, and gelaterias
The "Antifeatro" is one of our favorite places in Lucca. It is an oval-shaped piazza that stands where a Roman amphitheater
once stood. The houses, raised upon the foundations of the one-time amphitheater, retain the curved shape of this distant original.
In the evening we attended “Puccini e la sua Lucca,” a unique opera performance held each evening inside the
Chiesa Giovanni where Puccini was baptised as a child and where he once played the organ in his early years. Bravo!
The walls offer a great vantage point to see into Lucca