Where We Be
Spoleto, Italy
Our favorite experience in Spoleto was cross-
ing the Ponte delle Torri, a high stone bridge
erected in the 14th century on the foundations
of a Roman aqueduct. This monumental work
has a walkway that lets you cross to the far
side. A flat path continues from there, offering
fantastic views back onto the bridge itself as
well as the former papal fortress (the Rocca
Albornoziana) and the surrounding countryside.

We took short day trips to four other Umbrian
towns and have included a few photos of each.
Spello is a quaint hill town bursting with spring
flowers. Montefalco has some of the best wines
in Umbria. Norcia is Umbria's foodie capital and
is famous for its truffles and butcher shops.
And Castellucio is dramatically set at the edge
of a vast high plains called the "Pian Grande."
The Ponte delle Torri is a testament to the high ambitions and impressive building skills of Italians in the 1300s
View of the 14th century Ponte delle Torri and the Rocca Albornoziana, a former papal fortress
Imagine laying the stones for this bridge, one at a time, over such perilous heights!
The bridge has gothic arches somewhat like a cathedral's
Spoleto's duomo and bell tower glow at sunset
With the approach of Easter, religious processions seem to multiply like rabbits all over Italy
Desperate for clean clothes, we finally found this laundromat in Spoleto. Its washing machines automatically dispense detergent (nifty!)
It cost us 9 euro (about $12 US) to do one load of laundry -- an indication of how expensive it can be to live in Italy.
These wildflowers near Spello spell spring!
Spello is a wonderful little hill town full of flower pots, cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, and just enough stores and restaurants to feel comfortable
Robin stands in front of an ancient Roman arch at the top of Spello
Montefalco looks good AND tastes good -- it has some of the best red wines in Umbria
We were surprised there were no views from this piazza at the top of town, since Montefalco is set on a high hill and is often called the "Balcony of Umbria"
We watched local Italians fishing in this small stream just outside Norcia
Norcia is not a hill town (it's flat!) but it does have walls surrounding it
Norcia is a gourmand’s delight. It is the epicenter of “tartufo” or “truffle” worship – the earthy mushroom that costs so dear. Robin sits
next to an absolutely enormous specimen of a black truffle. The cart next to her is filled with black truffles and white truffles (ugly but delicious).
We split a delicious bottle of Montefalco's acclaimed Sagrantino wine (Fongoli 2004) with lunch
Pretty Umbrian countryside near the base of Montefalco
What a treat to be in Italy in springtime!
This wild boar has sniffed out its last "tartufi" (truffles)
Castellucio is dramatically set on a hill at the edge of the high plains known as the "Piano Grande"
This is the "Piano Grande." You'd never know to look at it now, but in late May/early June, this entire plains is filled to bursting with wildflowers.
Not sure what this lion is doing in Norcia, but Robin makes friends with him
Castellucio's houses seem to huddle together against the long winter
My "Cezanne impression" of Castellucio's jumbled houses
A flat walking path across the bridge offers spectacular views
Butcher shops all over Italy are called "Norcineria" in honor of Norcia's meats