Where We Be
Pitigliano, Italy
Pitigliano is dramatically situated atop tufa cliffs
and seems to grow right out of the rocks. This
is a town you have to see with your own eyes to
believe it. Each evening Pitigliano is beautifully
lit with artificial lighting from below. Seeing it
perched in  isolation and glowing golden as
darkness deepens all around it is remarkable.

If you ever find yourself here (and we hope you
do), we suggest you dine on the terrace at Al
Grottino near sunset. It's an unpretentious
restaurant with great pastas and main dishes,
and just steps away is a view of Pitigliano you'll
never forget. Watch the night sky deepen and
Pitigliano begin to glow and you'll be reminded
(again) why you love Italy so much.

Pitigliano is in southern Tuscany, a bit off the
beaten tourist path, but that could change fast.
Get here soon before it's fully discovered!
At dusk you get a perfect view of the hill town from an overlook near Al Grottino
At night Pitigliano becomes a golden city floating in the darkness
Typical cul de sac in Pitigliano
Suffering through another hard day in Tuscany!
The two main streets in the historic part of Pitigliano are pedestrian-only
and meet at both ends, allowing for a "circle walk" past houses like these
We stayed for three nights at Il Tufo
Rosa in what was once a fortress
This "Via Cava" is a sunken road sculpted by ancient inhabitants through
the soft tufa rock. It's located about five minutes outside of Pitigliano.
We enjoyed alfresco dining at Al Grottino near sunset
Spaghetti putanesca at Al Grottino
We visited the lovely Umbrian hill town of Todi on the way to
Pitigliano. Our visit was much too short and we'd love to go back!
Todi is steep but there are level sections once you climb up from the base.
This park offers a nice level walk with fantastic views over the countryside.
We immediately liked the ambience of Todi -- the streets
are quiet and filled with welcoming shops and restaurants
The Umbrian countryside near Todi isn't half bad either
We also passed the Tuscan hill town of Orvieto on our way to Pitigliano.
Here we're seeing it "edge-wise" so it seems smaller than it is.
This is Orvieto head-on. We visited this hill town during our first trip
to Tuscany but had forgotten just what a dramatic setting it occupies.
Tiny Sovana is just a few miles from Pitigliano. We found it
pleasing, with a wide main street and a welcoming quietness.
Sorano is also just a few miles from Pitigliano
Looking down on the jumbled roofs of Sorano from the town's high point
Pitigliano seems to grow right out of the rocks
We happened across Pitigliano in a coffee table book about
Italian hill towns. One look and we said, "We have to go there!"
Hopefully it's your turn next
It's a fun town to wander through both day and night
Sorano feels like a mini-Pitigliano with its tufa cliffs and brooding air