Where We Be
Santorini, Greece
Wouldn't it be fun to dine at one of these tables around sunset?
This was the spectacular view as we hiked towards Imerovigli -- the town is visible up ahead, looking almost like snow capping the mountains
A promontory near Imerovigli offers fine views back to Fira
We escaped the crowds by going on this short, easy walk along the crater wall to Imerovigli
This cute white dog blends in with his surroundings! He seemed to enjoy his high vantage point.
I like the juxtaposition of this old, weathered rowboat with the modern cruise ship in the distance
Simple but beautiful arrangement of bells
This jumble of white houses on the hillside has the feel of a cubist abstract painting
The lagoon below Fira is a busy place!
Fira's clock tower
This was our view of Fira from the tender as we returned to the cruise ship. If you look closely, you can see the
steep switchbacks we came down so as to avoid the long lines at the cable car (the mules use this same path).
What a dramatic setting! We'd like to come back and stay for a week.
Greek islands just don't get any prettier than
Santorini. This was our second visit to this
quintessential Greek island and it once again
lived up to all the hype. Santorini is essentially
what remains after an enormous volcanic
explosion some 3600 years ago. Its capital, Fira,
sits perched on the edge of a huge caldera
with cliffs towering 300 meters (980 feet) high.
Surrounded by the Aegean Sea, it's a jewel in a
setting that just couldn't be any more stunning.

All four of us took the tender to the base of
Fira, but when Dad saw how long the line was
for the cable car he headed right back to the
ship! Mom, Robin, and I waited 45 minutes for
our turn to go up. At the top, we shopped and
had a snack at The Greeks – the same outdoor
cafe we ate at during our last trip to Santorini.
Mom took the cable car back down while Robin
and I went for a pleasant hike along the crater
wall towards the village of Imerovigli. It was a
warm, sunny day and the views over the crater
wall were breathtaking, as these photos attest.