Where We Be
Katakolon, Greece
This is tiny Katakolon as seen from our cruise ship
A string of quaint shops and restaurants lines the natural harbor. We spent a pleasant hour or so just sitting and sipping at one of the outdoor cafes.
Okay, we admit it: after seven days in a row of
visiting different ports and doing the tourist
thing we were plain tuckered out. We wimped
on our plans to see ancient Olympia -- home of
the first Olympics, and about an hour away by
train -- and just stayed close to the cruise ship
instead. We made a brief foray into Katakolon
where our ship was docked. Lounging at a
small cafe and sipping drinks, we caught up on
e-mails, then took a quick spin through the tiny
town. Quaint shops and restaurants lined the
harbor, and you could do a lot worse than sit at
one of the outdoor cafes and watch the day go
by while staring out at the blue, blue waters.
The town is located on Greece's Peloponnesian
Peninsula -- our first time setting foot on it.
Meanwhile, my Mom and Dad had a fun outing
at a nearby farm where they ate lots of Greek
food and watched traditional Greek dancing.
They even brought us back some tasty baklava!