Where We Be
I took this picture from our patio in the early morning, looking west at the amazing U-shaped valley and snow-covered mountains
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
We traveled by car from Lake Como in Italy to
Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, through more
long tunnels than I can ever remember on a
single drive (including 10-mile-long Gotthard
Tunnel). We were instantly aghast at Swiss food
prices when we stopped for lunch and a simple
bowl of soup cost $10 and a single bratwurst
and Coke ran us $15 – very much the norm here.

Lauterbrunnen is situated in what is perhaps
the most gorgeous valley in the Alps. It offers a
convenient base for exploring the incredible
scenic paradise known as the Jungfrau region.
We spent three days in Lauterbrunnen with my
parents and returned again later in our trip. The
name means "many fountains," a reference to
the many waterfalls in the valley. From our room
at Staubbach Hotel  we had a fine view of lacy
Staubbach Falls, white-capped mountains, and
green hillsides with cog railway trains crawling
like yellow caterpillars across the landscape.
Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in all of the Alps
We arrived in Switzerland on my 48th birthday, and it was fun to get to share my "special day" with Robin and my mom and dad
This is the main street in Lauterbrunnen looking west (towards Staubbach Hotel and Staubbach Falls)
This church is a distinctive landmark in Lauterbrunnen. Nearby Staubbach Falls inspired a famous poem by Goethe when he visited in 1779.
Looking east down the main street (towards the train station). Air Time Cafe Bar became our favorite place for a tasty and (relatively) inexpensive lunch.
The fine view from our corner room (#34) at Staubbach Hotel
We stayed three nights at the lovely and conveniently located Staubbach Hotel in Lauterbrunnen
Here is gorgeous Lauterbrunnen, nestled at the foot of the valley. What a setting! I had visited Lauterbrunnen in 1984 during a
one-month whirlwind trip through Europe on a Eurail Youthpass and had always wanted to come back. Can you blame me?
We took a steep gondola ride up, up, up to the towns of Gimmelwald and Murren from the hamlet of Stechelberg (at the western end of the valley)
Murren was nearly deserted in mid-May. Murren is one of the larger towns in the area, situated on a high, flat plateau that makes for easy walking.
A lovely trail stretches down the entire Lauterbrunnen Valley from Stechelberg to Lauterbrunnen, offering beautiful views like this one
Spring came early to Switzerland this year, so we were lucky to see so much green so high up near Murren in mid-May
Looking up one of the the green valley walls near Lauterbrunnen
We all got a kick out of the word for "exit" in German (silly, I know!)
After three lovely weeks together we parted company with my mom and dad. They headed back to Milan for their flight home
while we continued on for another month in Switzerland. To say we had a great trip together would be a huge understatement!