Where We Be
Thun, Switzerland
We had no idea how much we'd like Thun. It
turned out to be one of our favorite small towns
in Switzerland, what with its fairytale castle and
clocktower, its cobblestone streets, and its
river running right through town. Located just
an hour's train ride from Lauterbrunnen, the
town is situated on the western edge of huge
Lake Thun (pronounced “toon”). We found our-
selves wishing we had two days there instead
of just one. The River Aare cuts through the
middle of Thun, forking into two branches, so
you can sit on the banks of either branch – or
enjoy the “island” in the middle that is full of
shops and restaurants. The train station is on
one side of the river and the medieval core of
town on the other. As soon as we reached the
river from the train station, we couldn't help
ourselves, we just had to stop. We plopped our
bags down and had lunch at a riverside cafe.
This was our view from the riverside cafe when we first arrived in Thun
Obere Hauptgasse is an interesting split-level cobblestone street, with one tier of shops (and a cobblestone walkway) sitting on top of the other tier of shops
The upper town is idyllic, with cobblestone streets and beds of flowers complementing the architecture. When we visited in mid-May it was very quiet.
We went for a short walk around 9 pm to see the town lit up at night
The next morning, as we walked back to the train station, it was mighty tempting to pull up a chair at one of those riverside cafes
A final look back at Thun as we bid the town adieu
We climbed a steep path to the top of town for a closer look at Thun’s castle, known as Schloss Thun
We decided our first order of business (after lunch of course) was to climb up to that castle on the hill. (That's Hotel Zu Metzgern on the left.)
We stayed at Hotel Zu Metzgern (immediately behind the fountain). Located on the town's central square, it is surprisingly reasonable (110 francs).
. We got the coveted corner room (#2) at Hotel Zu Metzgern -- this is the view looking down on the plaza from our window
Thun's fairytale castle stands on a high hill and dominates the town, as any fairytale castle should!