Where We Be
The main street through town offers some eye-catching architecture.
The ground level is filled with boutique shops and trendy restaurants.
Murten, Switzerland
Murten is an easy day trip from Bern, only a half
hour away by train. The main reason to go is to
walk the ramparts of its medieval walls. From
the ramparts and towers you get a great view of
the picturesque lakeside town and the rolling
green countryside beyond. The walls, which
once formed a ring around the town, were vital
to its defense in 1476, when it was beseiged by
the Duke of Burgundy. Murten managed to hold
out for 13 days until the Bernese army arrived.
The enemy army was completely destroyed --
some 10,000 Burgundians were killed. Hard to
believe in such a pastoral corner of the world.

We had a beautiful day for exploring the tiny
town. There are only three main streets so it
doesn't take long! We wandered up and down
all three, filled with restaurants and stylish
shops, then had lunch on a patio tucked onto a
quiet side street before returning to Bern.
Murten's well-preserved medieval walls are its main attraction
From the train station you get your first look at the castle
The clouds towering skywards made for particularly lovely views on the day we visited
Working hard to preserve history, replacing tiles on the cathedral roof
Murten is a pleasant little town and makes for a perfect day trip
You get expansive views of Murten's red roofs from the city walls
Here we're looking down from the ramparts onto a quiet residential street close to the wall
From the ramparts you get a great view of the picturesque lakeside town
Happily exploring the ramparts
Peering through the thick city walls at the relatively flat
countryside beyond. Not all of Switzerland is mountainous!