Where We Be
Our one notable stop in Fribourg was to visit the Jean Tinguely Museum, where we stepped on red buttons on the floor to bring his strange art contraptions
to life. Shown above is the most impressive, said to warn of the dangers of consumer society. It made an eerie, wheezy calliope sound when it came to life.
A hammer fell repeatedly on a stuffed rabbit, a tricycle spun in circles, a C3PO head spun around on a disk of sabers, lights flashed, and much more!
Gruyeres, Switzerland
Gruyeres is one of those groomed, expensive,
but undeniably pleasant places that's on the
tourist map for good reason. Whether you want
to taste gruyere cheese at the source, or visit
the nearby chocolate factory (they even have a
chocolate train!), or partake in fine dining while
soaking up the ambience of a picture-perfect
Swiss town, Gruyeres has it all. A magnificent
castle lords it over the town, offering dramatic
views of its "fiefdom" below. Chic shops line
the cobbled streets. Nothing is cheap, but
that's not to say it's not worthwhile. We had a
great time, and the most decadent meringues
with double cream you'll ever taste can be had
right here. We spent two days in Gruyeres, the
first focused on sightseeing, the second a rare
rest day where we ate well and hung out on the
patio sipping wine and watching the day go by.
Our B&B, called La Ferme du Bourgoz, was a
working farmhouse at the foot of Gruyeres.  
Ten minutes uphill took us into town, and ten
minutes downhill took us to the train station.
A walking path heads down from Gruyeres. At its base is the town's parking lot, and to the right (hidden from view) is Ferme du Bourgoz
This pretty window with flowers on the sill welcomes you to the Ferme du Bourgoz B&B
We had a fine dinner on our second day in Gruyeres, and as you can see, by the time we finished eating the tourists had pretty much cleared out
Restaurants with outdoor patios line the street on both sides, tempting you with chalkboard menus and delicious aromas
Gruyeres' pedestrian-only cobbled streets are a pleasure to walk (cars park at a lot near the base of town)
This is how we spent much of our second day, lounging on the patio at the Ferme du Bourgoz B&B (a working farmhouse), sipping wine and looking up
at Gruyeres on the hillside. We did venture into town for a fine dinner, but otherwise we did something it seems we rarely do on vacation -- relax!
This is my one decent photo of Gruyeres' castle, at the far left of the picture. As you can see, it's dramatically set on a hill and offers a commanding view.
On our way to Gruyeres we stopped in Fribourg, stored our bags at the train station, and had a quick look around. Fribourg is a vibrant university
town that sits right on the “rostigraben” or linguistic divide, where inhabitants on the west bank speak French and on the east bank speak German
This colorful cow welcomes you to a cheese
and dairy demo near Gruyeres' train station
It's all the little touches, like this vibrant flower box, that add up to make tourist towns like Gruyeres so welcoming
Here's something that doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of Gruyeres: the H.R. Giger Museum, which showcases
the talents of native Swiss surrealist H. R. Giger, the Academy-Award-winning designer of the Alien films
A loop trail circles the castle at the top of the hill, offering fine views of the surrounding countryside
Gruyeres is a picture-perfect medieval town on a small hill with a 13th century castle on top. It's
known for its fine restaurants and namesake cheese. What's not to like, other than the prices?
OMG! Gruyeres meringues with double cream are to-die-for. Look at how thick
and rich that cream is. NOT something to eat regularly! [Note: Not my photos]