Where We Be
Sion, Switzerland
The Chateau de Tourbillon, a ruined castle on top of a hill, is a key landmark in Sion
Robin stands next to a sign advertising wine tasting along the Bisse de Clavau
Closeup of the ruins of the Chateau de Tourbillon
Here you can see both the Chateau de Tourbillon and the Chateau de Valere (a fortified basilica currently under renovation). These two hilltop
fortresses add a lot of drama to Sion’s skyline. They are unmissable since they are smack-dab in the middle of Sion and the Rhone Valley.
At the end of the hike we descended to the town of St. Leonard (visible ahead) and took the train back to Sion
Imagine how much time and effort must have gone into building these stone terraces and the aqueduct that runs along them
Here you can see the Rhone River running through the valley
We really enjoyed this hike! It was level and easy, following the aqueduct most of the way, and offered beautiful views of Sion and the Rhone Valley.
If anything these terraces seem steeper than the
more famous Lavaux terraces near Lausanne
Sion is the capital of the canton of Valais and is
known for its sun-drenched vineyards and its
hilltop castle ruins. Our main goal was to hike
the "Bisse de Clavau," a 2-hour one-way hike
that takes you along a beautiful stretch of the
"Chemin Vignoble" wine trail. First we had to
hike uphill through Sion itself, which gave us a
chance to see the major landmarks of the city.
At the trailhead, after a short climb, the trail
leveled out and we followed a 550-year-old
aqueduct running heavily with water in spring-
time. Because the aqueduct is only at a slight
gradient, the trail running next to it is nearly
level as well, leading to a very pleasant, easy
hike. We were high up the face of the terraced
vineyards, walking right amongst them, but
almost level the entire way except at the
beginning and end. At the end we descended
to the town of St. Leonard, where we caught a
train heading to Sion – all of a 4-minute ride.