Where We Be
Leukerbad, Switzerland
Fun day! We took the train from Sion to Leuk
train station in the valley then caught a bus up
to the actual town (otherwise it would have
been a hard 30-minute slog). We checked into
the Schloss Hotel in Leuk, a castle hotel with
great views looking down over the valley. Leuk
itself is a quaint town, mostly empty of people,
with a few restaurants and some interesting
historical buildings and cobbled streets. We
learned that the name is pronounced “loyk,”
not “luke.”

After lunch we caught a bus up to Leukerbad, a
half hour away, where several thermal baths
are located high up in the mountains with killer
views. We went to Burgerbad Hot Springs and
loved it. Entry was 16 francs each, a discount
off the usual 21 francs because it was midweek.
We spent 3 wonderful hours at the resort. This
was just enough time to enjoy all the amenities:
soaking pools, hot tubs, ultra-powerful water
jets, an umbrella shower that got hotter or
cooler as you sat under it, a bubbling pool with
built-in lounge chairs, "faucets" that poured
hot water over your head, and a steam room
with hot waterfall in a natural rock environment.
Burgerbad Hot Springs is stunningly situated in the mountains [Not my photo]
We spent three wonderful hours at Burgerbad Hot Springs, and it
felt like a total change of pace from the rest of our trip [Not my photo]
The “umbrella” of cascading water pictured in the foreground changed temperatures as you sat under it!
In the background you can see a bubbly pool with "lounge chairs" built right into the hot tub -- so relaxing!
We came to Leuk mostly as an excuse to visit the thermal baths in
Leukerbad, but Leuk itself had some charm and history of its own
We stayed at the Schloss Hotel in Leuk, a castle hotel with great views over
the valley. Leukerbad (where the hot springs are) is a half-hour away by bus.
This unusual sculpture stands guard next to the clock tower
This is the main clock tower in the center of Leuk