Where We Be
Next door to the Cheese Dairy is Stein's highly rated Folklore Museum
St. Gallen & Stein, Switzerland
We took the train from Appenzell to St. Gallen
about 40 minutes away. The main reason for
our visit was to see St. Gallen Library, called
the Stiftsbibliothek
. It's attached to the main
"Dom" or
cathedral in St. Gallen. This Unesco
World Heritage Site (shown left) is the cultural
centerpiece of northeastern Switzerland.
of the world’s oldest intact libraries, it was built
in the 1500s and is
considered the finest
example of rococo architecture in Switzerland.

The library
is wonderfully proportioned and
filled with parquet walls and floors, wooden
pillars, swirling fresco ceilings, and thousands
of ancient manuscripts. When you enter
put silly little
slippers over your shoes, so you
end up shuffling through the exhibits in a most
amusing manner, but it’s
all to protect the
original wood floor
ing from damage.

Our day trip included several other interesting
sites in St. Gallen and the nearby town of Stein,
as you'll see below.
St. Gallen's Library looks like a dream library
fashioned by a fiction writer  [Not my photo]
The Appenzeller Showcase Cheese Dairy includes a warehouse of
stacked cheese wheels. (Free cheese tastings with Appenzeller card!)
We took a bus from St. Gallen to Stein. By now it was rainy and
overcast, but the sightseeing in Stein is primarily indoors anyway.
St. Otmar, first abbot of St. Gallen --
with his bishop's staff in a wine barrel!
What a zany art installation!
Intended as an "outdoor living room," it seemed quite popular with the locals when we visited
The Stadtlounge is an unusual part of historic St. Gallen that is covered in a rubberized red tennis-court coating!
In place since 2005, it covers several streets as well as numerous outdoor chairs, sofas, tables, and even a car!
We finished our visit to St. Gallen with a bratwurst
at Metzgerai Gemperli, said to be THE place to go
This silver bug-like building is the city’s emergency call center –
an unusually modern piece of architecture surrounded by tradition
Near the cathedral we liked this patterned tiled roof and carved wooden inset
The top floor is dedicated to Appenzell folk art made by 19th-century farmers
Traditional wooden bedroom complete with painted furniture
Live display of traditional weaving techniques
Traditional Appenzeller cowherd's cabin
Boys play a pickup game of
soccer beneath the cathedral