Where We Be
Zurich, Switzerland
A 1½ hour train ride took us from Appenzell to
Zurich. We checked into our basic but central
City Backpackers Zurich.
It's located right in the
heart of historic Zurich on Niederdorfstrasse, a
popular pedestrian-only street. A minute’s walk
brings you to the river Limmat
. The river cuts
through town and widens into Lake Zurich. At
the riverfront is Grossmunster Cathedral on
one side and the bluish steeple of Fraumunster
Cathedral on the other
. The huge clock of St.
is also close at hand. Bridges
ing the river offer convenient photo ops.

We walked into Grossmunster and listened to a
choir practicing.
At Fraumunster we marveled
at the
stained glass windows by Marc Chagall --
our one
must-see sight in Zurich. From there
we walked along the river to Lake Zurich and
checked out ritzy Banhoffstrasse, where a
single dress can cost upwards of 5,000 francs!
Of course
Zurich is a famously expensive city.
Even a simple takeaway stir fry ran us 20 francs
~$22 US) and a bottled water 5 francs (~$6 US).
This is the north end of Zurich's historic district near the train station. We're looking
south down the Limmat River. Fraumunster's bluish spire is visible in the distance.
Fraumunster's beautiful stained glass windows
were designed
by Marc Chagall [Not my photos]
Niederdorfstrasse is a fun-to-explore pedestrian-only street in the heart of the historic district
Grossmunster Cathedral is the third major church in Zurich.
Zwingli initiated the Swiss-German Reformation here in 1520.
St. Peterskirche has the largest church clock face in Europe
The distinctive bluish spire of
Fraumunster is easy to spot
Zurich's historic district is easily explored
on foot. We enjoyed its riverfront setting.