Where We Be
As you revolve, you pass fixed tags that identify the mountains you're seeing
Schilthorn, Switzerland
The Schilthorn and its famous revolving restaurant are totally worth it on a sunny day
Even the coffee cups have 007 logos
Go if you're a Bond fan -- or even if you're not. The views alone are worth it.
A Bond bad guy had his head slammed through one of these metal circles
As we went up the cable car on our first trip, we could see
the town of Murren perched on the edge of a steep dropoff
One of my favorite pictures from our Switzerland trip. This one was
taken in the morning during our second cable car ride to the top.
After a week of marginal weather, you can imagine how excited we were to finally have sunny skies
Panoramic view from the Schilthorn's outdoor terrace
Top of the (European) world!
The sign identifying the different peaks is covered in a fresh dusting of snow
Eiger (Ogre), Monch (Monk) & Jungfrau (Young Woman) are straight ahead
The panoramic views are 360 degrees
How many revolving restaurants offer a view like this?
It got mistier the higher we climbed
At the top we could barely see anything
Our "view" from Schilthorn terrace on our first trip
The Schilthorn is a high summit in the Bernese
Alps and the site of a revolving restaurant that
feels like it's at the top of the world. The James
Bond movie
On Her Majesty's Secret Service was
filmed here
. Since we had a 6-day Schilthorn
Pass that made it "free," we made two trips to
the top. The first was on an overcast day, and by
the time we got to the top we found ourselves
completely socked in by fog.

Our second trip was much more successful -- in
fact it was one of the highlights of our time in
the Jungfrau region. We awoke to blue skies
and by 7:30 am were taking the long cable car
ride up. The views along the way were amazing,
and the views at the top even more so! We
hung out on the terraces on a near-perfect
morning enjoying clear views of Eiger, Monch,
and Jungfrau, then ducked inside for a coffee at
one of the tables in the revolving restaurant.
Window view of peaks at one of the halfway stations