Where We Be
Unusual bird sculpture
in the Jardin Anglais
Geneva, Switzerland
The Jet d'Eau is hard to miss: it's one
of the largest fountains in the world
Not a famous building -- we just liked the colorful shutters!
Looking across Lake Geneva at St. Pierre Cathedral and Old Town
We paused at this lovely waterfront park  on our way to Europe's United Nations
Entryway to the United Nations in Geneva -- in the
building originally constructed for the League of Nations
Across the street from the United Nations is the HQ for the International Red Cross
Farewell Geneva -- time to head home!
We popped into the Swatch Museum and had fun seeing
the displays of Swatch watches from different decades
The world's longest bench! (so they say)
View of Geneva from a cafe near the Jet d'Eau
Geneva's famous Flower Clock in the Jardin Anglais
is said to have the longest second hand in the world
This big chair with one broken leg symbolizes
opposition to land mines and cluster bombs
You can walk right up to the Jet d'Eau on a stone jetty
(but watch out for sudden changes in the wind!)
We got a kick out of these ducks happily getting spritzed by the mist from the Jet d'Eau
St. Pierre Cathedral -- adopted home church
of John Calvin of the Protestant Reformation
As soon as the fountain shut off promptly at 6 pm, the
ducks waddled off and a great blue heron took their place
Store with the most
beautiful flower displays
A 2½ hour train ride took us from Interlaken to
Geneva. The city sits at the southern tip of
Lake Geneva and is one of Europe's global
hubs for banking and diplomacy. It serves as
headquarters for both Europe's United Nations
and the International Red Cross -- which are
across the street from one another.

Our first sightseeing stop was the Jet d'Eau
water jet fountain -- Geneva's iconic symbol.
It's a column of water that shoots straight up
from Lake Geneva. The ducks loved it and so
did we! Later we wandered into Geneva's Old
Town and saw St. Pierre Cathedral where John
Calvin once preached.

Next day we took a long walk along the water-
front to Europe's United Nations building. On
our way back we took a ferry ride across the
lake, past the Jet d’Eau, to the Jardin Anglais
and its famous flower clock.