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Allmendhubel Hike, Switzerland
We did something we rarely do -- repeated the
same hike from Allmendhubel to Grutschalp on
two consecutive days. But the weather
conditions were so wildly varying that it felt like
two completely different hikes. The first day
was a mix of fog, mist, and rain, so even though
the trail was called "Mountain View Trail" we
couldn't see anything more than 50 feet in front
of us. The second day was sunny and mostly
clear, and we learned that "Mountain View"
really does live up to its name. In fact, these
were some of the best views we’ve had of
Eiger, Monk, and Jungfrau, looking across the
valley from wide-open meadows. It’s amazing
how different the two hike experiences were --  
and yes, we preferred the second, sunnier day!
To get to the trailhead we took the funicular
from Murren to Allmendhubel. At the end of the
1½-hour, one-way hike, we took the train from
Grutschalp back to Murren.
From Allmendhubel you get great views of Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau across the valley
Let's start with three photos from our first Allmendhubel hike. It felt like we were walking through wild Scottish moors!
This photo just goes to show that even on a rotten weather day you can occasionally snap a surprisingly pretty picture
That's the lovely town of Wengen across the Lauterbrunnen Valley
Snowclad mountains rise up behind a silhouette of hills
Now this is more like it!
Swiss-flag-colored splashes of paint mark the trail
"Cows in the Mist" -- a movie just waiting to be made
We took the cable car from Gimmelwald to Murren (shown here) then the funicular from Murren to Allmendhubel to reach the trailhead
Two hikes in one day? No problem! (We did Kilchbalm in the a.m.)