Where We Be
We went swimming in February in this lovely heated pool
Robson Ranch -- Casa Grande, AZ
Golf is a big draw at Robson Ranch
There are two tennis courts -- plus 16 pickleball courts in the distance
Pool, check! Hot tub, check! Happy, check!
We made regular use of the rec center during our month-long stay
There's an indoor pool too
Golf heaven in Arizona
The main form of tranport around Robson Ranch
Entryway to Robson Ranch
The clubhouse is home to the fitness center, yoga studio, indoor pool, and sauna. The outdoor pool and hot tub are just behind.
Inside the clubhouse
Richard & Kristy's back yard offers a peaceful oasis
Robin enjoys happy hour in the back yard. The casita is just behind her.
We spent an idyllic month at Robson Ranch, an
active retirement community near Casa Grande
about halfway between Phoenix and Tucson.
Our friends Richard & Kristy moved here about
a year ago and have been encouraging us to
visit ever since. What a wonderful treat it has
been! They just finished building a casita, a
separate mini-house, in the back yard that was
perfect for our and any visitor's needs. It gave
us our own space while letting us reconnect
and create great new memories. We were also
able to watch their two Shitzus while they were
away on a Vegas trip and a Caribbean cruise.

We stayed surprisingly busy during our month
here. You can call it a retirement community if
you want to but there's nothing retiring about it.
We played golf and pickleball, worked out at the
gym, used the pool and sauna and hot tub, got
together with new friends, took the dogs to the
dog park, attended karaoke night, played Texas
Hold 'Em, watched skydivers at the skydiving
center in nearby Eloy, etc., etc. The days just
flew by. We could get hooked on this much fun!
The dog park is the highlight of most dogs' day -- and a fun place for residents to meet too
A second clubhouse includes a casual bar and a sit-down restaurant