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The Sonoran Desert is the most vibrant and alive desert environment we've ever seen
Sabino Canyon -- Tucson, AZ
From the entrance a tram takes you 4 miles up the canyon (or you can hike)
We enjoyed a short day hike with our friends
Richard and Kristy at Sabino Canyon Recreation
Area. Sabino Canyon offers an easy way to get a
taste of the Sonoran Desert. For $8 each a tram
takes you four miles up the canyon to the far
end -- or you can hike there on your own if you
prefer. There are nine tram stations along the
way, but most folks ride all the way to the top
then hike all or part of the way back down.

Our little group of four was looking for an easy
day hike so we took the tram one way. Rather
than walking back along the road, we hiked up
a series of switchbacks then followed a trail
through the Sonoran Desert. We all agreed this
was the best part of the hike. We got away from
the people and the road and got a bit closer to
nature. We especially enjoyed getting to see all
the strange cacti and vibrant desert growth up
close: ocotillo, prickly pear, teddy bear cholla,
palo verde, and of course saguaro. We have to
say, the Sonoran Desert is the most vibrant and
alive desert we've ever seen. It gets more rain
than most deserts so plants and animals thrive.
Hiking with friends on a sunny day. What could be better?
Sabino Canyon is listed as the #2 attraction in the Tucson area per TripAdvisor. It's located in the Catalina Mountains in northeastern Tucson.
Saguaros are found exclusively in the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona and western Sonora, Mexico (with a few stragglers in southeast California)
The teddy bear cholla appears soft and fuzzy -- but it isn't!
This is the main road through Sabino Canyon, used by both the narrated tram tour and by hikers, joggers, and bikers
Here we are at the far end of the tram ride after having hiked up some switchbacks. We're looking down at the road and towards the canyon entrance.
One of the things that makes Sabino Canyon special is the flowing water -- not all that common in a desert environment
Sabino Canyon is a natural desert oasis
Robin slips and has a close call with a mean patch of prickly pear -- and breaks up laughing as a result
Desert hiking is fairly new to us -- but we hope to do more
Robin and Kristy share a hug at the head of the canyon
Saguaros are the trees of the Sonoran Desert
Saguaro silhouette
We hiked down steep switchbacks and reconnected with the main road