Where We Be
Wadi Rum, Jordan -- Jeep Tour & Camp
Wadi Rum is a get-away-from-it-all destination
where you can drink hot tea in the middle of
nowhere and revel in the isolated quietness
and splendor of its sand dunes and mountains.
Wadi Rum means High Valley, and when you
look around you can see why. Jordan's highest
mountains are right here: Um Dami at 1,840 m
(6,040 ft) and Jabal Rum in the central Rum.
Amazingly, these desert peaks are sometimes
capped with snow. Also known as Valley of the
Moon, Wadi Rum really does feel otherworldly
at times, which is why it has served as the
setting for quite a few sci-fi movies like
One, The Martian, Prometheus,
and Red Planet.

If you come, be sure to spend at least one night
in a Bedouin tent -- or sleep directly under the
stars if you prefer. After dinner we all sat
outside on a mat, chatting and drinking tea late
into the night as the full moon shone down on
us, softly lighting the mountains, and we can
tell you it was a special experience. Bedouin
hospitality is truly worth experiencing firsthand.
We walk through a narrow fissure in the cliffs...
...Up and over red sand dunes...
...And down the other side for a splendid valley view
The sun slants in sideways at this time of day, saturating the rocks and sand
The desert colors really are spectacular
With half an hour left till sunset, the desert glows golden
From here you can see Burdah Arch in the distance. It's possible to hike to this natural rock bridge if you have the time.
Some of the local guides find their own way to pose at Um Frouth Arch
If you aren't afraid of heights, it's an easy scramble to the top
We continue our jeep tour after a late lunch. Our first stop is Um Frouth Arch.
We stand atop it  as the late afternoon sun burnishes the mountains gold.
Um Frouth Arch
Desert Drive & Walk
Our last stop of the day is Chicken Rock, a unique two-legged rock
The sun sets over an unspoiled corner of the world
We're on one rock outcropping watching the sunset while another group of tourists is on another. Chicken Rock sits in between.
In the other direction, the full moon rises higher
Life seems simpler here
We watch the wind create new ripples in the sand one particle at a time
Our guide walks barefoot to the top of a small sand dune so we follow suit. At this hour the red sand feels warm and inviting.
We sit and enjoy the sunset views in one direction and the full moon rising in the other
Then it's back to the jeep for another short drive and another great view
Our guide relaxes while we do some local exploring
We drive to another part of the desert during a lovely time of day when every rock formation is photogenic
At this remote spot we pull off and go for a half-hour hike through the desert
Small Sand Dune
Chicken Rock
Bedouin Camp
Our camp is in the white desert amidst the rocks, secluded from other tourist camps
After warm showers (desperately needed after a hot and sandy day), we enter the large communal tent
and enjoy a delicious Bedouin barbecue called a zarb, cooked outdoors in a pit beneath the sand
Hot sweet tea accompanies the meal and is also available afterwards
Light filters out from the communal tent. It's a warm night
so after dinner we sit outside and chat till midnight
We heartily recommend Bedouin Directions if you happen to visit Wadi Rum
Robin peeks out of the tent first thing in the morning
Our private Bedouin tent has two simple cots for sleeping. At first we sleep
with the covers thrown off but it gets cooler as the night progresses.