Where We Be
We flew into Amman and took a taxi south to Petra along the Desert Highway (the fastest route but not the most scenic --
take the King's Highway if you have more time). After seeing Petra we took another taxi to Wadi Rum. A final taxi
took us to Aqaba on the Red Sea where we crossed into Eilat, Israel (a relatively easy border crossing into Israel).
Note: This trip was relatively short and expensive compared to others we've taken since retiring.
Getting away for long periods of time is difficult for us right now due to the care-giving Robin is
providing for her mom. In general we still prefer traveling for longer periods of time and at lower cost
than this particular trip might suggest, but for now we're fitting in whatever travel we can, when we can.
We also weren't sure how safe we'd feel traveling around Israel on our own, so we opted for a group
tour, although now we know it would have been quite safe to travel on our own and at lower cost.