Where We Be
Our view from the restaurant patio at the edge of Eilat's central beach
Eilat, Israel
We got to see a little of Eilat before our flight to
Tel Aviv. Wow, was it hot: 111 degrees F (44 C).
The only time we can remember feeling hotter
and muggier was in New Delhi. We had to stop
at a mall halfway to the beach just to get some
AC -- and it's not even full summer yet.

Eilat is a popular resort town filled with tourists
looking for fun and sun on the Red Sea. This is
Israel's southernmost city, situated right on the
northern tip of the Red Sea. Visible just across
the bay is Aqaba in Jordan, and just a few miles
in the other direction is the Sinai Peninsula in
Egypt. We quickly found a bar with an outdoor
patio at the edge of the beach and were happy
to sit under the shade of an umbrella and have
a few cold drinks. It was about 100 degrees in
the shade but bearable with the breeze coming
off the water. We took turns dipping our feet in
the refreshing waters of the Red Sea.
Eilat is both a popular resort town and a busy port on the northern tip of the Red Sea. Aqaba in Jordan is visible just across the bay.
Looking the other direction from the patio, you can see a string of hotels situated along the water, leading towards the Sinai Peninsula
We needed some relaxing beach time after the intense sightseeing of the past few days in Petra and Wadi Rum, Jordan
Robin dips her feet into the refreshing waters of the Red Sea for the first time ever
We walked through a local mall (mostly for the air conditioning) and were surprised
at how many signs were in Hebrew only. Would you know what to order here?