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We think the beach and promenade are the best thing about cosmopolitan Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv & Old Jaffa, Israel
We loved the view from our room at the Prima Hotel -- despite the backhoes renovating this stretch of the promenade
We spent an hour or so on the beach at Tel
Aviv and found ourselves surrounded by good-
looking young people in all directions. It made
us wonder whether anyone in all of Tel Aviv is
old or overweight. Judging from the beach
scene, apparently not. Maybe the warm waters
of the Mediterranean are a fountain of youth.

Without question the best thing about Tel Aviv
is the beach and the delightful promenade that
follows alongside it. You can walk all the way to
Old Jaffa if you head south for two or three
miles. The picturesque port makes for a great
destination for lunch or dinner. It's sometimes
called the oldest port in the world, with ruins
dating back to the 20th century BC. All along
the way you'll see young people out enjoying
life. They take Shabbat (the Jewish day of rest)
seriously in their own way, with an emphasis on
rest and relaxation. Our sense is that religion
takes a back seat to fun, sun, and nightlife in
this cosmopolitan city with its youthful vibe.
The beachside promenade is the pride of the city and the delight of every tourist who visits
Looking north, you can see just how busy Tel Aviv's beach is on a sunny Saturday afternoon
Looking south towards Old Jaffa, it's just as busy. On one side you have the beach, and on the other a major cosmopolitan city -- the best of both worlds.
A happy couple relaxes on a rocky stretch of beach overlooking Old Jaffa
During our walk we came across this odd piece of art -- apparently a take on the Last Supper but with Jewish notables
The apostle Peter once stayed at the house of Simon the Tanner in Jaffa and is said to have raised a woman from the dead here
We sat on a pier in the late afternoon and enjoyed this view of the restored port of Old Jaffa -- one of the oldest ports in the world
Jaffa is a picturesque place to relax and have a bite to eat
This is a closeup of the whimsical zodiac fountain shown in the photo above
From an overlook in Jaffa you can see Tel Aviv's skyline and its delightful location along the Mediterranean Sea
A final look at Old Jaffa as the sun sets and our one full day in Tel Aviv comes to an end
We saw many people playing this simple game of beach paddle ball
Walking back along the promenade at sunset, you can't help but feel relaxed
If you climb the steps up to the center of Jaffa, you come to a pleasant courtyard with lots of restaurants and a relaxed vibe