Where We Be
You can drive around the bay in just a minute or two for wonderful views looking back at Lunenburg
We highly recommend going for a sail here
The captain of the Eastern Star quickly put us to
work raising the mainsail, mizzen sail, and jib sail
The small port town of Lunenburg is much more our speed than Halifax
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Lunenburg is a photogenic little port town with
colorful buildings set on a gorgeous natural
harbor. It makes a great base for exploring the
Halifax region and the Lighthouse Route along
Nova Scotia's southern shore. Not only does
the town have a good vibe, it's also a UNESCO
World Heritage Site -- the "best example of a
planned British colonial settlement in Canada."

While walking along the town wharf, we noticed
a spiffy two-masted sailing vessel called the
Eastern Star all set to sail. Spur-of-the-moment
we decided to go. What fun! Two hours on the
water on a picture-perfect day. The bay views
of Lunenburg were spectacular. I got to raise
the mainsail and Robin even steered the boat!
Bluenose II -- a replica of Canada's
most famous racing schooner
Robin takes the helm (and we live to tell the tale)
Lunenburg's lighthouse on Battery Point Breakwater is one of dozens on
the "Lighthouse Route," which stretches along Nova Scotia's South Shore
We pull back into port feeling very satisfied with our two-hour sail
Lunenburg's brightly colored buildings are doubly dazzling when reflected in the water
Home is just a minute's drive outside Lunenburg at the Atlantic View Motel and Cottages. Our Blue Heron cottage
is cozy and spotlessly clean. It has its own fridge, microwave, kitchenette, bathroom, and queen-sized bed.
Here's the real iconic image: Mahone Bay's three prominent waterfront churches
The harbor is sheltered and dotted with islands, making it a popular place for sailing and kayaking
Bob is Farmer No-Neck from Haytown
The Amazing Race Canada, Episode 8, included a visit to Mahone Bay, where the contestants had to stuff and dress a scarecrow
One of our favorites!
The Great Scarecrow Festival definitely puts you in the mood for autumn
Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
Just a few miles from Lunenburg is "Canada's
loveliest little town," Mahone Bay. This
attractive seaside village has upscale shops
and restaurants and sits at the end of a
sheltering harbor. The town is particularly well
known for its three prominent churches located
right on the waterfront; in fact they've become
an iconic image for Nova Scotia as a whole.

By sheer happenstance we stumbled upon the
town's "Great Scarecrow Festival." Nearly every
home and business, it seemed, had scarecrows
dressed up as famous people: Michael Jackson,
the Royal Family, Marilyn Monroe, etc. Call it an
extra benefit of traveling in October. As long as
we're on the subject of October, did you know
Canada's Thanksgiving Day occurs on the 2nd
Monday in October? (They still eat turkey with
all the trimmings just like we do though.) For
many Canadians Thanksgiving represents the
last chance for a getaway before winter arrives.
Marilyn among the pumpkins, on a roof -- an iconic image if ever there was one
Mahone Bay feels prosperous and highly livable