Where We Be
Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia
Blue Rocks is the teensy-tiniest fishing village
you'll ever see. It's located at the end of a
peninsula just a few miles from Lunenburg.  
Call it a fishing hamlet: just a few cottages and
fishing shacks on a small lagoon. It's so small it
probably doesn't deserve its own page, but
then again, it's so photogenic I couldn't resist.
Go early morning or evening for the best light.

Also worthwhile if you're in the Lunenburg area
is the hike along Hirtle's Beach to Gaff Point.
You begin with a half-hour walk along a wide
stretch of white sand and rolling surf. Then you
reach a wooded trail that leads to Gaff Point, a
124-acre promontory separating an estuary
from a bay. You follow a loop trail through
emerald woods that eventually open up to
rugged coastline and pounding surf. The whole
hike is 4 miles long and thoroughly enjoyable.
These colors are genuine: the seaweed really is golden here
Same image as above but with different lighting as the morning sun popped out from behind a cloud
This funky little fishing shack is the real deal: it hasn't been restored or improved upon...yet.
I have no idea what this little shack is doing out on the water but it's certainly irresistible to photographers
We surprised a few deer with our early morning arrival
On our way to Hirtle's Beach and Gaff Point, we did some serendipitous exploring near estuaries and marshlands
Hirtle's Beach is a sand and cobble beach some 3 km long. This is the end of the beach closest to the parking area.
Constant pounding surf has ground all the edges off these rocks
The best parts of the Gaff Point promontory hike are along the water
The loop trail offers fine views and a pleasant hike. It's 6.5 km or 4 miles all told from the parking lot (including the beach walk).
Gaff Point
Let's do some exploring!
Blue Rocks: too quaint for words