Where We Be
The cascades just beyond Redrock Lake offer a wonderful
place for a relaxing break or picnic during your hike
Hike to Swiftcurrent Pass -- Glacier NP
These couch potatoes need to get busy and do some hiking!
And this trail offers just the ticket: 8.2 easy miles round trip.
It doesn't take long for the fine scenery to begin
You get outstanding views of Mount Grinnell (8,851 ft) along the way
Redrock Lake is just 1.7 miles from the trailhead and makes
a fine destination in and of itself, along wth Redrock Falls
Looking back at Redrock Lake from the far end.
This is excellent habitat for moose and deer.
Robin peers down over the edge of Redrock Falls
We love to put our bare feet into clear mountain streams like this one,
and we're always amazed at the beautiful colors of the rocks
Bullhead Lake lies at the base of the near-vertical headwall. We hiked to the second footbridge
at the far end of the lake (the 4.1 mile mark), turning back where the steep uphill begins.
It takes two photos to capture all of the scenery around Bullhead Lake.
Here you can see Mount Grinnell rising up on the lake's right-hand side.
You get a lot of bang for your buck with this hike. If you like mountain lakes and streams
without too much effort, this trail in the Many Glacier area may be just the ticket.
Speaking of which...this doe is obviously acclimated to humans.
I had to zoom all the way out to fit her in the lens she was so close!
Just beyond the headwall, the 2015 Reynolds Creek fire
continues to rage, keeping large parts of the park closed
For our first hike in Glacier we wanted some-
thing relatively easy, and this hike is easy if you
only go as far as Bullhead Lake. The elevation
gain to the lake is minimal (only about 450 feet)
but includes some spectacular scenery for the
small amount of effort you put in. You'll pass
Fishercap Lake, Redrock Lake, Redrock Falls,
and Bullhead Lake, at which point you'll reach
the imposing headwall. At the headwall it's
pretty clear there's nowhere left to go but up!

If a 14.2 mile round-trip hike with 2,400 feet of
elevation gain sounds a little daunting, then
turn around here: you'll have hiked 8.2 miles all
told with almost no elevation gain. Otherwise
prepare for a steep ascent up to Swiftcurrent
Pass (accompanied by tremendous views).

Note: the trailhead starts at the far end of the
parking lot at Swiftcurrent Motor Inn, an easy
walk from Many Glacier Campground.