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The scenery is so consistently good on the way to
Iceberg Lake you'll almost forget you're hiking uphill
Hike to Iceberg Lake -- Glacier NP
This was one of our favorite hikes of the trip.
We enjoyed gorgeous mountain views almost
the entire way, mixed in with a short and
pleasant forested section. The trail is steep at
first but settles into a steady, satisfying uphill
climb. The scenery is so good and the pace so
steady you'll make good time and have a lot of
fun along the way. We paused at meadows
brimming with alpine wildflowers, put our feet
into icy-cold water at Ptarmigan Falls, and lazed
near several smaller pools and cascades. The
first view of Iceberg Lake from above is
breathtaking. It has a lovely blue cast due to
glacial flour in the water, and even in summer
there are icebergs floating around in it.

Iceberg Lake Trail is 4.8 miles one way with 1275
feet of elevation gain. The trailhead begins near
Swiftcurrent Motor Inn. We hiked right from our
tent site at adjacent Many Glacier Campground.
Hiking back towards home was just as pretty
Ptarmigan Falls is well named: we saw two ptarmigan adults and four babies.
We joked about Ptarmaggedon when ptarmigan one day will rule the world.
The towering cirque behind Iceberg Lake is really too big to
capture with a simple camera. This photo doesn't do it justice.
Iceberg Lake is a wonderful color of blue thanks to the glacial flour
that permeates the water. We enjoyed a wonderful picnic lakeside.
I could spend the whole day here and be happy
Small cascades near Ptarmigan Falls make for a perfect rest stop
The commanding view of Grinnell, Swiftcurrent, and Wilbur
Mountains will uplift your spirits as you hike along
We hit the trail bright and early at 7 am, and we'd recommend this as a
terrific way to beat the crowds and hike during the cooler part of the day
As you approach Iceberg Lake, you'll come across glorious
alpine meadows chock-full of wildflowers in the summer
Almost from the moment you leave the
trailhead you'll have fine vistas to enjoy
(Not my photo)