Where We Be
Louisville, Colorado -- Farewell!
On October 2 we sold our home, threw our stuff
into our van, and hit the road.

Just about everybody dreams about hitting the
road someday, traveling free and easy with few
possessions and even fewer plans. Here was our
chance to make that dream come true! We knew
we were heading up to Montana first, then across
a good chunk of the country to Maine, but beyond
that it was all a delicious mystery. We had only the
roughest of itineraries and we wanted it that way.

During that first day, we crossed Wyoming from
east to west in our big GMC Ventura van. We
nearly ran out of gas once; thank goodness for the
tiny town of Wamsutter, WY! We turned north onto
I-15 and headed through Idaho (a first for us) into
Montana. We were surprised to see such bright
fall colors in Idaho -- not just the yellow of aspens
but the orange and red of maples. A sixteen-hour
drive brought us to Ramshead Ranch in Montana,
the first significant stop on our American odyssey.
A tearful farewell as we say goodbye to our dear neighbors and our home of 16 years
Welcome to our home on wheels!
Robin in front of the fully packed van
Fuzzy dice, a must on a long road trip
Yes, I'm happy to be done with home chores for a long while!
Robin smiles as she takes her first shift at the wheel
We pass a huge herd of sheep in Wyoming
The van is a bit cluttered, but we've got everything we need
Lovely autumn colors in Idaho
Bitterroot Mountains in southwestern Montana
Autumn and winter seem to coexist in the West