Where We Be
St. Ignatius, Montana
We made a fire on our last night, complete with s'mores
Robin May, western cowgirl
Symbolic burning of stickman holding our mortgage papers!
Huge pile of antlers gathered in front of the Bison Reserve
Alan chopping wood, a daily task in autumn and winter
Alan the outlaw
We call these Oreo Cookie Cows!
Travis of the soulful eyes, contemplating his next coyote chase
Autumn colors were on full display near Alan's home in St. Ignatius
It was c-c-c-cold at the top of the fire tower lookout
We spent our whole first day reading on the couch with Travis
Interior of Ramshead Ranch
Cowboy hats, a must at any Montana ranch
Beaver dam and lovely autumn colors
Beautiful pines on a misty morning
Travis surveys his domain at Ramshead Ranch
Fire tower with panoramic valley views
All visitors to Ramshead Ranch are asked to pose with this stuffed bear
Alan and Robert check out a possible site for their next home
In front of the fire on our misty first day
Evocative of autumn
View from the fire tower, with "Jesus Light" shining down
St. Ignatius, Montana was our home for four
wonderful days -- two busy days bracketed by
two quiet days. We read and relaxed around
our friends' log home on the first and last days,
but in between we went adventuring with Alan
(our best friend from college) and Robert (his
partner). We visited the Bison Reserve near
Alan's home, drove to a fire lookout tower with
fantastic views of the valley, watched as Travis
(their dog) chased a coyote across a meadow,
and saw a majestic bull elk bound across a field.

We drove along gravel roads offering delightful
autumn scenery. On our last night, we made a
campfire in a fire pit, complete with s'mores and
a symbolic burning of mortgage papers, since,
as coincidence would have it, all four of us
have recently sold homes.

Alan and Robert treated us like royalty, cooking
delicious meals for us and even opening a fine
bottle of wine in honor of our visit. We found it
hard to leave!
Unusual band of light at sunset on the Mission Range near St. Ignatius