Where We Be
Badlands National Park, South Dakota
I love the play of shadows and light here
Red stripes stretch across multiple formations at Badlands National Park
I love the rich colors of these rocks at sunset
I love the rich colors of these rocks at sunset
Prescribed burns keep the grasslands healthy
Nothing bad about the Badlands at sunset
Robin is happy to be exploring new territory
The largest natural prairie grassland in the U.S.
The bright yellow of these rocks looks spray-painted on, doesn't it?
Can you imagine trying to hike through this jumbled landscape?
The Badlands stretch into the distance
We watched the sun set from deep inside the park
It was close to sunset when we began
driving along the Highway 240 loop road
which winds for 40 miles through Badlands
National Park. The lighting was soft and
looked beautiful on the strange landscape
of striated rocks. We stopped at a dozen
panoramic overlooks to take in the views.
This was one time where arriving late in
the day really paid off -- who would have
thought rocks could look so pretty!

One of our favorite stops was called
Prairie Winds and involved a long
boardwalk amble out into the heart of the
adjacent grasslands -- the largest native
prairie grasslands in the U.S. The grasses
picked up a golden hue from the sunset. It
was so peaceful. We saw dozens of
white-tailed deer grazing there.

We slept in the back of our van that night
at a campsite located deep within the
Badlands. The next morning we watched
the sun rise from underneath toasty
covers and reminded ourselves just how
lucky we are.