Where We Be
Minneapolis, MN to Hanover, NH
Robin says hi to Reed, her niece Jen's son, for the first time
Perfect autumn day in the park with Todd & sons in Minneapolis
We hope to visit Jenna in Wisconsin again someday for some kayaking
We couldn't resist...it was right along our path! Mall of America is about ten minutes from Todd's home.
We partake of the "bounty" of Leah's Minnesota garden
There he is!
Matty, Todd's youngest, hides behind his cereal bowl
Dartmouth is an idyllic college campus in the quaint town of Hanover, NH
I've missed those brilliant New England reds
Fun fall walk on a leaf-strewn path
The open road beckons
White steepled church in Hanover with blazing red foliage
Our I-90 road trip took us within range to visit with
friends and family in three different states --
Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire.

We stopped in Minneapolis for a fun visit with my
college buddy Todd and his wife Leah, as well as
their two youngest kids, Scotty and Matty. We
picked the perfect day to visit, with autumn weather
ideal for lounging on the back deck. We celebrated
Leah's "birthday fortnight" with dinner at a sushi
restaurant. I was amazed to learn that Todd is now a
vegetarian (will wonders never cease?). The next
morning, we made a brief stop at Mall of America.

We arrived the next day in Janesville, Wisconsin,
where we reconnected with Jenna, our all-time
favorite housesitter for our dog Chaucer and a
good friend to both of us. We got to share dinner
before she headed off for her night shift, and
Jenna was kind enough to let us sleep in her
ultra-comfortable bed while she was at work.

Our final visit was with Robin's niece Jen and her
husband Kirk in New Hampshire. We met their
adorable son Reed for the first time. The next day,
we visited Hanover, home of Dartmouth College,
and a string of quaint towns along the Connecticut
River bordering New Hampshire and Vermont.