Where We Be
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- Christmas
Bob's brother Dave and sister-in-law Diane
A magical Christmas moment -- opening the stockings!
Trent concentrates on winning at Chuckie Cheese
Sydney's favorite new top!
Trent is perhaps a bit too popular!
Sydney loves horses and they love her
Trent with Fiji mask and Harry Potter wand -- look out!
Score! A new iPod Nano!
Logan's smile says it all!
Christmas bliss at Dave and Diane's house
Dad says hi to one of the friendly horses at my brother Dave's stable
    We spent a wonderful Christmas in Philadelphia
  with my family. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Arriving in Philly in time for the big horse race,
    featuring one of my brother's own horses!
  • Hearing Logan say, "This is the best Christmas
    ever!" after opening endless boxes of presents
  • Playing hours of Wii with the kids and beating
    them at tennis (losing big at bowling and boxing)
  • Watching Trent's all-out boxing style on the Wii
  • Breaking in the new ping-pong table with Dave
    (and assembling it late on Christmas Eve with Dad)
  • Taking the kids to Chuckie Cheese and watching
    them go through 200 tokens in record time
  • Taking a 4.5 mile walk with Diane -- more like a run!
  • Seeing Sydney score TWO soccer goals!
  • Watching Logan at her swimming practice
  • Taking the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks
  • Mom's cookies, Diane's salads, Dave's Pinot Noir!

Early Christmas" in Maine
  • Decorating the Christmas tree with Mom in Maine
  • Celebrating an "early" Christmas Eve with KT
  • Eating at Kowloon's with KT, Kim, & Pat
  • Sharing holiday dinner with Robin's mom & sisters