Where We Be
Bar Harbor, Maine -- Autumn
Bar, Harbor Maine -- Winter
The rumours are true -- it does get cold here. But watching
the snow fall, minus the commute to work, suddenly makes
it prettier. And the sunsets in between snowstorms -- wow.
Maine's fall foliage is spectacular this year
Puppy Bijou in a rare moment of stillness
White-tailed deer with red-leafed maple
Bob in front of the fire tower on Beech Mountain
Never take a sunny day for granted in Maine -- hike!
Picturesque bridge on Mount Desert Island
The Impressionists would have loved New England in autumn
Little Cottage, our home away from home in Maine
Inviting prospect at the Everbecks' home
Lovely view from the top of Beech Mountain
We love having a puppy to play with
A spectacular sunset in November
Bijou collects snowballs in her own special way
Peaceful sunset on the shore
View from Annie's Outlook, our home for our second month in Maine
We arrived at Robin's parents' house near Bar
Harbor on October 17. We got ourselves settled
into Little Cottage, a wonderful home away from
home, and began enjoying the golden days of
Indian Summer. Most days were sunny and crisp,
and the foliage was some of the best we've ever
seen in New England, period. There really is
nothing like spending autumn in New England.

We got to meet mom and dad's new puppy, Bijou,
for the first time. She's a white poodle with the
energy of ten puppies. She went crazy when she
first met us, jumping and nipping and scampering
around the kitchen like a complete nut. Thankfully
she calmed down as the evening progressed. She
loves playing with her hedgehog toy and instantly
took to me as I sat on the floor and played with her.


Note: Ten days after we arrived Robin's dad
passed away. We were so grateful to have arrived
in Maine in time to be with him. His passing was
peaceful and he was surrounded by family and
loved ones.