Where We Be
Outer Banks -- Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse framed by grassy dunes
Robin is ready for her test flight!
The same lighthouse at sunset from a different angle
It was soooo cold!
Robin loves her new purple parka on a cold day like this!
Exact replica of the Wright Brothers' plane
Starting point of the first flight...with the end point shown by the next marker!
Bodie Lighthouse, also on the Outer Banks
Bright blue berries amongst the dunes
This grassy sandscape seems to capture the essence of the Outer Banks
Seeing the lovely Cape Hatteras Lighthouse at sunset
and again the next morning was the highlight of our
time on the Outer Banks. It is the tallest lighthouse in
the United States at 208 feet.

On the drive to Cape Hatteras it was quite warm, but by
the next morning it was freezing cold so our beach
experiences were hardly typical. We paused at a few
deserted beaches but only for a minute or so. Then the
icy wind would blow and we'd scurry back to our van.

At the Wright Brothers Monument in Kitty Hawk, we saw
an exact replica of the first motorized plane to achieve
flight. A park ranger explained the challenges Orville
and Wilbur overcame to achieve this, and we left feel-
ing much more impressed with their accomplishments.
We walked to the exact spot where the first flight
started -- only to end just 12 seconds later!

We also visited Roanoke, site of the first English
settlement in the New World, and learned about the
mystery surrounding the “Lost Colony,” where 117
colonists disappeared and were never seen again.